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Bhutan: 2024


Bhutan family tour

Bhutan is the perfect holiday destination for your family as it offers a wide variety of group activities and provides a chance to explore this rich culture infused country with the people you love the most in this world.

Bhutan can be chance for your family to relax and breathe some fresh air by taking a break from the scorching heat. For the best experience as a family, you can choose to explore the popular tourist attraction of the country like the Buddha point which is considered the largest statue of sitting Buddha in the world. It’s very important that your kids also have the best memory of their tour, so the Motithang Takin preserve which is a mini zoo, centenary children’s park near the Changlimithang stadium and national museums can be great for your kids.

Bhutan nature & adventure tours

Bhutan is guarded by high Himalayan snowcapped mountains and blessed with glacial fed river navigating lush valleys across the country. The range of climatic conditions cramped in this small country has rewarded Bhutan with rich ecology and diverse natural environment. The mountainous terrain in most part of the country are accessible by motor roads and the stop at the mountain passes at over 3000 meters offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas and rejuvenating moments for all travelers. For thrill seekers, Bhutan offers river rafting and kayaking on some of the largest river basin passing few historic monuments. For the nature lovers, Bhutan offers photography and wildlife safari in some protected nature preserves and many hiking and trekking trails.

Bhutan motor biking tours

Cross country motor bike tour is getting popular among the Indian bikers. Bikers start their journey from southern western border of Phuntsholing town and ride north to the capital city. Bikers continue their journey to the extreme eastern region of Bhutan before descending to the southern eastern border of Samdrup Jongkhar district and exit to Indian state of Assam. The journey takes bikers through many districts in Bhutan including most popular tourists attractions and few secluded villages. Bikers will also come across four major mountain passes at over 3000 meters. Bikers will ride through the sub-tropical climatic region to the cold mountain passes which may be covered in snow depending on the travelling period. The journey is sure to offer an adventurous experience.

Bhutan cultural tours

Bhutan can be a paradise for history enthusiasts. Bhutan is considered a living monument. Its self-imposed isolation has helped Bhutan preserve and keep its ancient heritage relevant in the modern era. Tourists can explore the medieval fortresses across the country. Tourists can learn about its history and understand how these ancient fortresses still remain occupied and play a significant role in modern administration.

Visit to the country side offers a way to understand the Bhutanese traditional way of living. With the boom of the tourism industry, many scenic country sides offer authentic farm stay experience. It includes spending a night in a traditional Bhutanese house; enjoy Bhutanese cuisine, a hot stone bath and interaction with the local people.