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Nepal: 2024

Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, nestled in the lap of Himalayan range, is socially, culturally, and historically rich. Nepal is renowned for its mountains; eight out of ten highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest, diversity; ethnic, linguistic, social, cultural, and historical, and natural beauty; forests, river, and lakes. Because of abundance in diversity and bio-diversity, Nepal is an ideal destination for those who seeks eternal tranquility.

Nepal is tremendously attractive locations for mountaineers, climbers, and ultimate adventure seekers. Not only for adventure seeker, but Nepal is also a laboratory to those who seeks to learn about harmony of religion; Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist, culture, tradition, and historical heritage.

We, KB Adventure, as a group of natural enthusiast and adventure seekers, will help you achieve your experience about authentic Nepal. Come visit with us to the mystical places of Nepal where you can explore true yourself and freshen your mind to pave a beautiful future for yourself with a peace in mind.