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Shyam Ghising

I was born and raised in the mountainous village of Nepal, with a deep passion for the wonder and the beauty of the great outdoors. I started my early career as an assistant to trekking guide in 1998 and have been following my dreams since then.

I am a licensed, 10592, trekking guide of Nepal and it is almost two decades of my career as a professional trekker; sometimes as an assistant guide and mostly as a guide. I worked in many reputed trekking companies as Rover Treks and Expedition, Exodus Co. UK, and Harvest Moon Trekking and Expedition. I also worked as a freelancer where I have ushered many tourists, especially from UK and USA, exploring the natural beauties of Nepal, India, and Tibet. I have also accompanied the tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan to help them nurture the wilderness of almost every part of Nepal.

I have a natural talent for creating an environment where every member of a group will feel comfortable being themselves and enjoy nature.

I am always surrounded by historical, cultural, and traditional values and the beauties of Nepal, thus, I am always pleased and thrilled to share my experience with nature enthusiast around the world. I perceive travelling to places as a new way of looking at things to clear mind and soul and try to make feel my companion the same way. All these years of service, I met so many people from around the world as strangers and ended up with very close friends who are a part of life.
With the help and encouragement of friends and families, I have established a trekking company, KB Adventure Pvt. Ltd., through which I will continue to provide my service as a guide and a manager for the friends seeking trekking and adventure in Nepal, India, China, and Tibet. I am grateful to all those who help me achieve this vista of life and hope to get similar help and support throughout. Give us an opportunity to full fill your adventurous dream through our magnificent service and experience.

Shyam Ghising

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